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Anti-theft USB Charging Backpack


Get our Anti-theft USB Charging backpack and never need another bag again.

This backpack has been designed to be hardy and secure, and the perfect companion for any occasion you can think of, from romantic dates where you need to be stylish, to unsafe areas where you need security.

The 4 main features of our backpack are as follows:

Large capacity - this backpack is large enough to fit your belongings in its different pocket compartments. Never have to rummage through your backpack again to look for what you need. Keep your important belongings conveniently and find them in an instant. Every thing has it's place and our backpack has the place to put it.

High quality material - our backpack is made of proprietary material which will stop a would be bag slasher in his tracks. The material is both tough yet pliable, allowing you to travel in comfort but also dissuade a would-be pickpocket from choosing you as an easy target. The front part of our backpack is made of waterproof material as well, enabling your belongings to stay dry and for easy clean-up for those "sticky" situations. 

Burden-reducing system - this backpack has been masterfully engineered to take the weight of your shoulders and transfer it to your waist, helping you to prevent backache from lugging around your heavy belongings. When tightened correctly, our backpack can be used to carry significantly large loads without undue stress on your lumbar. 

USB charging system - welcome to the 21st century with our external USB charging system which is placed conveniently on the side of our backpack. Simply attach a power bank on the inside connector of the backpack and you can then attach your phone charger to the external portion. In this day and age where being connected is key, this multi-functional backpack is at the forefront of it's time.

Extremely high demand: expect 2-6 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe)