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Artificial Nail Kit


Artificial Nail Kit is the answer for broken nails, special occasions, and whenever you have a yearning for an instant set of beautiful nails!

The original false nails of the 1930s have come a long way. Today the sleek, sophisticated look of false nails may be hard to differentiate from natural ones.

Double-sided adhesive usage:

  1. Clean the surface of your nail
  2. Find the double-sided tape that corresponds to the size of your nail and tear off the sticker
  3. Glue the tape to the bottom of the artificial nail
  4. Tear off the other side of the sticker
  5. Place the artificial nail on your real nail and press for about 5 seconds

Product Features:

💅🏻Using double-sided tape, A piece can be reused to enhance the value of each piece. Travelling with liquid nail glue is also inconvenient

💅🏻After removing the nail, it can be torn off completely, leaving no residue

💅🏻Easy to wear,fit for theme party,salon display,clothes match in daily life

💅🏻Can be used to design your own nails for wedding,party or weekend dating

💅🏻Suitable for most people of different finger sizes,for professional salon or home use

💅🏻Last up to at least 5 days and can be reused

💅🏻High Quality of ABS Materials, environmentally friendly


Extremely high demand: expect 2-6 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe)