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FlexPro Posture-Corrective Sit Brace


Our FlexPro Posture-Corrective Sit Brace helps to sit straight and straighten up properly,improve and correct posture &reduce waist discomfort or lower back pain literally!

  • CHECK YOUR POSTURE AT ONCE: For Women & Men -when you're at your desk,on a plane/train, in the office/home,or at a game, wear the support around your back and knees, and have perfect sitting position in ten seconds flat,using 20 mins a day helps form good sitting posture.

  • SAVE YOUR COST:  The back support belt makes you sit ergonomically in any chair without effect,even at night while watching TV just strap it on after long work during the day,it does help sit straight and protect your lower back and waist.

  • EASY TO USE &PORTABLE: Pack away with it's own zippered pouch for indoor/outdoor SITTING Posture USE[Bending knees at around 90 degree]

  • DESIGNED FOR EVERYONE:  Anyone who sits for long periods/has a wrong sitting posture/suffers from lumbar disease. STSTECH adjustable waist protection is suitable for children over 15 years old and adult.Especially the office staffs & students.


How to Use : 

  • Sit down and Place the waist pad on the waist.

  • Set the knee pad into the knees.

  • According to your elastic requirements to adjust the band on both sides.

  • Button up the buckle .[Optional but helpful]

  • 20 minutes a day and your sitting/standing position would be lot of correction.


  • Size of FlexPro Posture-Corrective Sit Brace :15.7 * 7.9inches
  • Weight :about 250g
  • Materials :black cloth+3mm Sponge+ 1680D cloth


  • 1x Back Support Belt

Extremely high demand: expect 2-6 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe)