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Fruit Infused Water Bottle


Stay hydrated the delicious way – With the brand new Fruit Infusion Water Bottle, you can make your own infused water and enjoy a deliciously flavored beverage.

You'll be inspired to drink more water...the easiest way to stay slim, healthy, and energized. A must-have for the gym, sports, yoga, hiking, camping, and traveling.

It's super easy to use, just toss in your fruit, squeeze, and you're ready to drink!

And think of all the money you'll save. No more buying expensive bottled water, sports drinks, soda or "vitamin" flavored water, which are full of refined sugar and empty calories.

  • BPA-Free & Dishwasher Safe
  • Eco-Friendly design & construction
  • Convenient to carry  
  • Capacity:650ml

Extremely high demand: expect 2-6 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe)