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SaddleBaby Hands-Free Shoulder Carrier


With this revolutionary technology, you will be able to carry your child on your shoulders just like you have always done, but this time your hands will be free, with the child being totally safe. It uses really strong straps and buckles, which can be adjusted and will keep the child pinned to your shoulders without any chance of falling.

Your child will enjoy the view in great comfort in a cushioned saddle seat that is very stable. Your comfort will also be guaranteed even with the long strolls, because the saddle grips the shoulders very well and is cushioned using high quality materials.

We are sure this product will make your toddler happy. for not having to walk beside you while you are carrying groceries while you wont worry about your kid wandering away.

This carrier is suitable for most outdoor activities like Travel, Shopping, Picnicking, Hiking, Mountaineering, etc.

This produce with competitors is $95, shopping here you save $25.05.

Extremely high demand: expect 2-6 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe)