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Insta Cooling Towel


The fastest and cheapest way to keep cool!

The Insta Cooling Towel will make heat and high temperatures no longer an issue for you! Don't you find it hard to work, study, or excerxise due to the high temperature that makes feel exausted? Wouldn't you like to remain cool and comfortable throughotu the day? Well, you can do it! All you need is this top notch, evaporative chill towel which can offer instant and long lasting relief. Just wrap it around your neck, reduce your body’s temperature and combat heat in the most effective, easiest way.

Features & Benfits:

  • Easy to use - The only thing you have to do is soak it, wring it, give it a quick snap and wrap it around your neck, shoulders or even place it in your head as a headband.
  • Premium Material -Unique honeycomb-like 3D stereoscopic textile technology
  • Lightweight - Extremely light weight. Work, exercise, go hiking, enjoy camping, make the most of your yoga classes and remain cool while travelling! The possibilities are countless!

These towels are multi-pupose: Cooking, Sports, Travel, Medical, Outdoors, and especially every-day use!

Extremely high demand: expect 2-6 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe)