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Moondrop Fidget Desk Toy


Ever wanted to drop something on the Moon? Well, this is your chance.

Designed with science in mind and crafted using amazing laws of physics Moondrop seemingly defies gravity and let's you explore the free fall on the Mars and Moon. Whether you are a fidgeter, science enthusiast or just love cool gadgets you will enjoy playing around with it. Fidget toys also have been shown to relieve anxiety, increase concentration, and help with social disorders such as ADD and ADHD.

The surprising movements of Moondrop are caused by Lenz's law which is well known in physics world. Moondrop is made from pure copper or aluminium ring, aluminium body and strong neodium magnets inside the thin aluminium tube. 

What makes it really unique is it actually displays different gravity than it is on Earth. Made from Aerospace grade materials, equipped with super precise slider Moondrop is a very satisfying fidgeting toy as well. You can flip it, slide it, spin it and fidget any way you like. 


Extremely high demand: expect 2-6 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe)