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NexStand™️ helps to correct the user's posture when using the laptop!

Incorrect posture will cause damage to the spine and cervical vertebra, and directly lead to hunching back, joint diseases, sore muscle and poor sight.

Hence, it is important to adjust the laptop to suitable height and sit in proper posture whilst working.

The notebook stand is portable and foldable, hence handy to be brought around without adding much weight to your bag!

Instant Set-up

Height Adjustable

No Risk of Falling Off

Apart from that, it comes with 7 adjustable heights to allow you to adjust the laptop accordingly when needed. The notebook stand is made by sustainable nylon, an environmental friendly material. It is genuinely durable and strong. 

Ever wonder why it is a LEGAL requirement in certain European countries to have standing desks in the office? The answer is simple: sitting is the new "silent killer". Sitting for extended periods of time has been proven to be as dangerous to your health as cigarettes, and we can all agree we're probably better off not smoking.  

So why sit for so long? Because you have to for work?

Well, here's your magic pill... Introducing NexStand!

Its versatile design allows you to set up a standing office wherever you are for the most affordable price. 


  • This laptop stand is work on more than 11.6 inch notebook!
  • The notebook width must more than 27.5cm(10.82 inch)
  • The notebook width’s front edge must thinner than 2.2cm(0.866 inch)
  • Put away: 354 * 40 * 40mm
  • Open: the lowest, 293 * 272 * 194mm
  • The most high-grade, 265 * 250 * 259mmm
  • Load: 10kg
  • Weight: 240g


  • NexStand™️
  • User manual

Extremely high demand: expect 2-6 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe)