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Shine Lotus Essential Oil


The secret to glossy and full lips is not in the lipstick. It’s in proper skin nourishment, moisturizing, and wrinkle control!

Shine Lotus Essential Oil is a simple addition to your makeup routine that handles all of these tasks while taking less than a minute to apply.

It’s going to be your secret weapon that combines cosmetics with actual skincare and leave people baffled at your glowing complexion.

The formula consists of natural extracts and minerals that induce collagen production, even out skin tone, and smooth-ens out wrinkles. Some of its features include:

  • Light moisturizer with anti-aging benefits for all skin types.
  • Pure 24k gold flakes absorb into your skin, making it glow naturally.
  • A Rosehip seed oil base made up of 77% fatty acids, high in linoleic and linolenic acids, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A – essential components for skin health.
  • Keeps lips from drying out, especially when using liquid/matte lipsticks, without affecting the finish.

    How To Use

    • Hydrate your lips with Shine Lotus before applying lipstick. It keeps them from drying out, especially before using liquid/matte lipsticks.
    • Use 1-3 drops to mix it with your favorite foundation to add nourishing properties to it.
    • Revive dried out cream products by adding a few drops of Shine Lotus. Bring your mascara, contour, or highlight back to life with a fresh twist.


      • Ingredients: Oil essence, Rosehip seed oil, Pure 24K gold flakes
      • Volume: 15ml / 30ml


        • 1X Shine Lotus Essential Oil 15ml / 30ml

        Extremely high demand: expect 2-6 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe)