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Solar Powered LED Light


Save money with new generation stylish solar lights!

In our modern generation, every home must have these elegant Solar Powered LED Light. It is the perfect lights, to light up your home without expending a lot of money. Simply place these goodies in a location that gets sunlight so you can relish years of non-stop solar-free lightning. Developed with an advanced innovative technology, super durable and smart lighting that automatically turns bright when there is motion detected and dim after motion stops. It is best for both outdoor and indoor installation. The Solar Powered LED Light is also suitable for new and old houses to give a reliable and bright light guide throughout the year.

 Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to install - just peel off the sticker ont he back and stick it where toyu want it!
  • Motion Sensor - when movement is sense, the light increases in brightness
  • Perfect for Outdoors - where it is supposed to be bright when you pass by
  • Solar energy powered - that ingests the heat of the sun and turns it into energy to light up the night
  • Heavy grade construction - durable and weatherproof
  • Long Lasting - Senses movement from up to 12 feet away and with the suns power it will last for up to 12 hours at night
  • Size: Approximately 5" x 4" x 2"

Extremely high demand: expect 2-6 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe)