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Super Strong Earth Magnet


Do you love magnets? Then this might be just for you. This special Neodymium magnet serves many purposes. You can use it as a door catch, do your own magnetic levitation experiments, use it for crafting works, DIY, use it as a magnetic bearing and much more!

    Besides, isn't it cool to own the strongest magnet in the world? Your friends will be really surprised at how strong it is! This isn't found in retail stores and we have very limited stock so get it while you can! 


    • Material: Neodymium N52.
    • Operating temperature: ≤80 degrees
    • Surface: Nickel plating.
    • Quantity: 1pcs.
    • Size: (L)40mm x (W)40mm x (H)20mm.
    • Package Included :1 x Strong Block Cuboid
    • Magnet: 40 x 40 x 20mm (tolerance: +/-2mm)
    • Shape: Block

    Extremely high demand: expect 2-6 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe)